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Ford Bowers
President and CEO

Listing in Alphabetical Order:

Kate Achelpohl
Director of Publications

Heidi Ashley
Director, Member Relations & Engagement

Maidelyn Barrera
Data Specialist

Sam Butler
Social Media Coordinator

Christine Cachuela
Senior Director, Information Technology

Carrie Cassinelli
Graphic Designer

LeAnne Crowley
Membership Coordinator

Jan DiMuzio
Senior Revenue Analyst

Olga Dorokhina
Research Coordinator

Steve Dunphy
Content & Digital Marketing Manager

Melissa Ferrari
Senior Vice President, Member Services

Carol Gaylor
Marketing Design Manager

Cecilia Goycochea
Accounting Manager

Sarah Helminiak
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Rachel Hofman
Marketing Manager

Mary Johnson
Meeting Coordinator/Executive Assistant to the President

Gary Jones
Director, Environmental, Health and Safety Affairs

Marci Kinter
Vice President, Government Affairs

Amanda Kliegl
Vice President, Public Relations

Les Lien
Senior Graphic Designer

Coreen Lumicao
Event Services Specialist

James Martin
Executive Vice President, Supplier and Manufacturer Relations

Dan Marx
Director, Content Development

Casey McAllister
Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Mike McGowan
Manager of Sales and Business Development

Jana McWilliams
Exposition Services Coordinator

Taylor M. Mitchell
Membership Assistant

Becca Moss
Membership Coordinator

Heather Nortz
Government Affairs Assistant

Lexy Olisko
Vice President, Expositions

Andy Paparozzi
Chief Economist

Lisa Piansky
Senior Disbursements Analyst

David Pierce
Office Services Coordinator

Christina Rosado
Community Development Manager

Jackie Salesses
Exposition Services Specialist

Lauren Searson
Managing Editor

Johnny Shell
Vice President, Print Technology and Training

Kat Thomas
Marketing Communications Assistant

Rachel Thomas
Director of Exhibit Services

Irene Tonson
UX Manager

Clara Turner
Business Development Assistant

Heather Ward
Event Operations Manager

Ray Weiss
Director of Digital Print Programs

John Woodstock
Vice President of Sales