Steering committees address issues related to a specific community within the industry and are organized based on a vertical market or printer segment. The charge for steering committees is to increase the relevance of PRINTING United Alliance, its activities, events, services, and influence for a community, and provide expertise in specific areas of operations.

Steering committees provide guidance, direction and support on projects within the organization, including community-focused events and educational programming. As part of its work, each steering committee will develop a plan to increase reach in the following areas:

  • Membership in a specific community
  • Exhibitors related to a specific community’s needs
  • Attendance of the community at various events, most especially the Expo
  • Developing a knowledge base to include research, white papers, and articles of interest
  • Social media outreach effort
  • Media partnership opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, collaborative opportunities

Additionally, each PRINTING United Alliance Committee and Advisory Council operates within the strategic guidelines set by the Board of Directors.

Applications for the 2020-2021 Steering Committees and Advisory Councils are currently on hold through the remainder of this year. Please check back for updates and details to apply for the next term.

Current Committees

  • Apparel Decorators Committee
    Apparel Decorators print to finished blanks through screen printing, dye sublimation, direct-to-apparel and other decoration techniques. The committee serves their community by developing networking opportunities and educational content around the print technologies and market forces driving their businesses. The Apparel Decorators Committee is the driving force behind the THREADX Conference.
  • Digital Textile and Décor Committee
    The Digital Textile and Décor Committee represent printers that digitally print to bolts of fabric for the home décor, high fashion and commercial markets. The committee serves their community and the industry with their collective expertise by working to develop educational and editorial content on the technologies and trends driving their market segment. The committee plays a key role in program development for the Digital Textile Conference, held in partnership with AATCC.

  • Graphics Production Committee
    Comprised of leading printers and suppliers in the wide-format digital graphics production industry, the Graphics Production Committee serves their community in developing relevant and timely business and wide-format print technology educational and editorial content and is the leader behind the WFX Conference.

  • Industrial Applications and Printed Electronics Committee
    Serves their community through the development of content and education centered around innovation and technology within the specialized screen print market. The members of the Industrial Applications and Printed Electronics Committee created FP3: Functional Printing, Process and Products conference.

  • PDAA Installers Committee
    Represents PRINTING United Alliance’s installers community and the Professional Decal Applicators Alliance (PDAA) Certification. This committee, made up of graphics installers, monitors and works to continuously improve the PDAA Certification and offers training programs and work to bring awareness to unique tricks and suppliers within the installer community. This committee also plans the Team Wrap Challenge and WrapQuest event.