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Volunteer leaders from across the industry are a vital part of SGIA. Working within the strategic framework set by the Board of Directors, committees and advisory councils achieve the following:

  • provide insight on a range of initiatives and community-building activities
  • serve as a source for energy and new ideas, and
  • provide perspectives representative of the industry and market segments. 

Volunteer leaders are relied upon for their industry experience and knowledge, as well as their desire to contribute to the success of others, SGIA and the industry. 

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SGIA committees and advisory councils reflect the diversity of the industry and provide members with the opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction from a wide range of backgrounds and for personal professional development. At the same time, members are challenged to assess their own strategic alignment with the latest trends and developments and to shape the industry.  Volunteer leaders who engage at the committee, advisory council and/or task force level, often chart the path to be part of the governing Board of Directors; committee service is a requirement for nomination to the Board.

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Association’s volunteer leaders offer invaluable knowledge and experience.

The volunteer leaders comprising SGIA’s committees and advisory councils offer essential knowledge and experience, ultimately contributing to the success of their peers, the association and the printing industry at large. Committees meet in person in January at SGIA’s Congress of Committees and collaborate remotely on initiatives throughout the year. Be sure to check out the new Young Professionals Advisory Council.

Now Closed

The 2019 – 2020 appointments have closed. SGIA will be accepting 2020 – 2021 Steering Committee and Advisory Councils appointments starting May 1, 2020 and closing on July 2, 2020. Please check back during that time to submit a volunteer application.

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