PRINTING United Alliance has a hand-picked team of many talented third-party consultants to provide expertise on environmental health and safety regulation compliance right to your door.

Whether you are just starting out and need help creating written policies and programs, assistance creating an effective training program, advice on an OSHA citation, or you want to improve any aspect of your current environmental health and safety plans, our consultants are here for you.


We Can Help You with All of Your EHS Requests

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): We can help you navigate through OSHA citations, prevent violations from occurring, guide you through what to expect in an OSHA audit, etc.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Need guidance on complying with your federal, state, and local agencies’ requirements? Look no further. Our consultants can help with compliance with air emissions, wastewater, storm water discharges, hazardous and solid waste, and community right-to-know requirements.

Department of Transportation (DOT): If you ship more than a specific amount of hazardous materials, your company needs to register with the DOT. Employees handling any amount of DOT hazardous materials or signing an EPA Hazardous Waste Manifest, must receive training every three years.



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PRINTING United Alliance’s OSHA Compliance Resource Center provides technical assistance and services designed to allow printing operations to manage compliance and stay informed. Contact PRINTING United Alliance’s Government Affairs staff at with your consulting needs and we will match you with an outside consultant that is best suited for the job.