Machine Guarding & LOTO Safety Package

Violations of both the machine guarding and lockout/ tagout program requirements consistently land on the list of Top 10 OSHA Violations for the printing industry. Not paying attention to these two key regulatory programs can lead to higher risks for amputations or other severe injuries. OSHA has enhanced inspection programs designed to address amputation hazards and regulatory violations.

For more information about machine guarding and the Lock Out Tag Out Program, check out our OSHA Compliance pages on these topics.

NoticeTo help you develop a comprehensive approach to machine guarding and controlling hazardous energy sources in the workplace, PRINTING United Alliance has developed this safety package. The information provided below will assist you in the first steps toward identifying and understanding common hazards and the management of those hazards with respect to powered machinery and work practices. Remember, safety compliance must be site-specific, so this program is designed to allow you to customize the material to be applicable to your facility and operations.

If you currently have an established safety program, you can continue to use your program provided that the essential elements covered in this safety program are also addressed in your program. If you do not have an established safety program, you are encouraged to develop a compliance program and include the site-specific material you customize with this program.

Your first step is to download, review and fully understand all the resources provided. Next, perform your facility evaluation using the available templates and checklists. Then post your safety posters. Finally, conduct employee training with the tools provided. Make sure that you have copies of the employee handbook ready for distribution.

The Machine Guarding & Lockout/Tagout Safety Package includes the following to get your started. Remember, you will need to ensure that you make these materials your own!

  • Lockout/Tagout Written Program Template: This template is provided to establish the minimum requirements for the lockout of LOTOenergy-isolating devices whenever maintenance or servicing is performed on equipment. These procedures are designed to eliminate unexpected energization, start-up of the equipment or a release of stored energy. Remember, your program must establish these requirements by piece of equipment.
  • Employer Guide: This guide provides you with the background on the typical issues regarding risks of amputations when working with and on machinery as well as common reasons for amputations, where they occur, and initial preventative measures. This guide is designed to help you when you evaluate your facility using the template resources and to answer questions during employee training.
  • Employee Handbook: Use this as a handout during the training to emphasize the key messages being communicated in the training program.
  • Training Power Point: We have provided this template as a teaching aid for your employee training programs, as required by the lockout/tagout program. We encourage you to adapt it to accommodate and meet site specific needs.Safety_Posters
  • Safety Posters (Lockout/Tagout) (Machine Guarding): Posters are great resources to use as quick reminders of safe operations.
  • Resource Documents: A variety of resource documents are provided for your use as evaluation tools. Modify to fit your operation. Begin to use the templates and checklists to start the assessment of your operations.

PRINTING United Alliance’s Safety and Health Resource Center provides technical assistance and services designed to allow printing operations to manage compliance and stay informed. For more information on Amputation Prevention, Machine Guarding, Lock Out/ Tag Out, or PRINTING United Alliance’s EHS services, email or call 888-385-3588.