Recycling Initiatives

In 2019, PRINTING United Alliance, then SGIA, became one of 165 signatories of the US EPA’s America Recycles Pledge. This pledge is a formal way to demonstrate our RecyclesDaycommitment to participate in an ongoing dialogue to identify specific actions to improve the nation’s recycling systems.

Our participation allows the printing industry to have access to resources and engage with others to provide solutions allowing for a greater participation in the circular economy. Below you’ll find a summary of the events we support to promote recycling initiatives. We also have links to an educational tool compiled of nation-wide databases that will inform you of where and how to recycle in your local area. In order to make the biggest positive impact, we encourage everyone to take advantage of these resources in their personal as well as professional lives.

Recycling During COVID-19 Pandemic

Recycling is vitally important to our environment and our supply chain, alike. Especially at this time in which items such as bath tissue, toweling, and packaging for cleaning, grocery, and medical supplies are in such high demand. During this time of limited business operations, there is a shortage of recycled material. Recyclable materials collected from homes and businesses are necessary for the manufacturing of these essential products. Watch EPA's video and EPA Administrator Wheeler's announcement of the importance of recycling during this time.

That being said, the top priority is safety. To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, if you or someone in your home has tested positive for the coronavirus, do not recycle your recyclables; place them in a bag that is securely closed and discard them in your trash container. Keep America Beautiful has issued guidance on recycling during this pandemic.

During your extra time following Stay at Home Orders, make it a point to learn how to recycle right in your area. Use our Recycle Right resources below, including our new resource from Waste Management, to find out what items are recyclable and where you can dispose of them in your area. If you know of a resource we do not have listed, let us know! 


PRINTING United Alliance Sponsors TLMI’s Saving Dollars by Landfill Avoidance Summit

The Tag and Label Manufactures Institute (TLMI) hosted a pilot recycling education event in St. Louis, MO on October 16, 2019. The purpose of this event was to bring together local businesses with recycling companies in their community.Recycle

A waste to energy facility also attended to educate the attendees on the benefits this option provides for certain non-recyclable materials. Attendees engaged in a collaborative discussion about the logistics of recycling such as how to store it, cost comparisons, growing customer demand for zero waste to landfill systems, etc. The goal of the program was achieved as it allowed those with a common goal the ability to think globally but act locally through available sustainability initiatives.

National Recycling Day
  • On November 15 PRINTING United Alliance recognized National Recycling Day by opening our Sustainable Business Recognition Program!
  • By attending The 2nd annual America Recycles Day Summit and Innovation Fair, we were able to connect with other leaders in making the US recycling system more resilient and stay informed on the nation's newest advances in technologies, products, and material usage in the recycling arena.
  • Key take aways from this gathering are: recycled materials should not be seen as waste, but as an economic commodity; there is a strong need for policy, led by the US EPA, on the issue of recycling; localizing recycling infrastructure will simplify and optimize the over all recycling system.
  • Read more about our National Recycling Day experiences in our blog!

Recycle Right- Locator and Information Tools

Recycling is complicated. Let’s make it easier! Use the tools below to search for where and how to recycle in your area.RecyclingSearch

  • Become a Recycling Expert at home and at work with this guide from Waste Management. 
  • Search by material and zip code with Earth 911 “Where to Recycle” or “ Find Recycling” Tools.
  • Is your material recyclable or not? How does it get recycled? What challenges come with that process? Find out with Earth 911 “How to Recycle” Tool
  • Specifically for recyclable packaging information, take a look at BottleStore! 
  • Keep yourself updated on recycling facts specific to your area including what items are banned, recycling rates, etc. with the Keep America Beautiful “Be Recycled” Tool
  • Find an end market for your used materials with the Excess Materials Exchange
  • Utilize the Recyclist App and online resources to easily manage and monitor your waste management systems
  • To keep up with the evolving domestic market landscape, Plastics Recycling Update is charting the processing capacity growth in this online map.  
  • The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) published a 2019 Recycling Yearbook. 
  • Get standardized waste bin labels from Recycles Across America to take the confusion out of what goes in each bin!   

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