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SWF DUAL 6-Head and SWF 6-Head Embroidery Machines (3-Available)

For sale
T-Formation of Tallahassee

Will sell separately...or as a package. Please call for information

K-Dual 6 heads / SWF K-UH1506D-45 (One Available)
The SWF K-UH1506D-45 is one of the most versatile embroidery machines on the market because it has Dual Function Technology. SWF’s patented Dual Function Technology gives this machine the ability to operate as either a tradition 6 head machine or as two separate 3 head machines. The SWF K-UH1506D-45 is controlled by a 10.4 inch touch LCD display and can embroider two different designs on both flat hoops and caps simultaneously. Coming standard with the Quick Change Cap System and the SWF Automatic Oiling System makes this machine the most advanced on the market. If you are a starting embroidery shop or mid-sized shop looking for cutting edge technology then the K-UH1506D-45 is right for you. $17,299.00

K-Series Tubular 6 Heads / SWF K-UH1506-45 (Standard Sewing Field) (Two Available)
SWF K-Series offers the K-UH1506-45 and the K-UK1506-45 Automatic Embroidery Machines. The K-UH1506-45 has the 400mm Head Interval and is referred to as the Small Head Machine. The K-UK1506-45 has the 500mm Head Interval. The UK also has a wider frame than the UH. Both SWF 6 Head machines provide the same K-Series dependability and standard options. LCD display, Quick Change Cap, USB, and SWF Oiling system.
$14,999.00 each

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