Minister Tex Chooses Partnership with Asteks

Written June 11, 2019

Categories: News

Asteks' 201-AF sleeve grinding machine continues to work successfully at Minister Tex, one of the most modern spinning mills in Uzbekistan. Founded in 2017, the machine was one of the first investments of the company. During the 1.5-year period since the installation, the machine has highly satisfied with its high performance, high user-friendliness and low maintenance requirements.

Established in 2017, Minister Tex, the biggest textile production project of Uzbekistan and Central Asia market, managed to make itself known by opening up new markets in a short time with its modern production facility. The company has the capacity to produce 41 tons of cotton yarn per day and makes investments with reliable international technology brands for high-quality products. The Tashkent-based company with a "continuous high-quality yarn production and cost efficiency" motto made the investment in Asteks as a preferred technology partner.

Having a modern facility dedicated to the production of fully compact yarns of 68,400 spindles, Minister Tex strictly adheres to the standards of quality, efficiency and reliability in yarn production. Asteks' 201-AF single-head, magazine-type automatic feeding sleeve grinding machine delivered at the beginning of 2018 and immediately commissioned succeeded to please the company with its working power and efficiency. Fully servo motor, inverter-controlled 201-AF has the flexibility of grinding both short and long sleeve