Latest Color-Logic Case Study Shows Real Benefit for Graphic Designers

Written September 9, 2019

Categories: Commercial Printing, Graphics Production, Packaging & Labeling

The latest Color-Logic case study — which details how Adoih Design of Green Bay, Wis., utilizes the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System software when preparing metallic image files — is available by request from the company and may be downloaded from the Color-Logic website.

In the case study, Adoih Design Principal Sara Hoida says, "I still have my X-Acto knife, but I'm not crazy about using it to make masks, particularly since I realized how Color-Logic enables me to execute the complex masks necessary for many metallic designs in seconds with just a mouse click or two."
Commenting on the case study, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said, "Sara Hoida's experience is an excellent example of how Color-Logic benefits graphic designers, saving them untold hours of tedious work when producing the flawless masks required for metallic images. The Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System is now available from printers in 55 countries around the world."