InkSoft Provides Tips on How To Help Customers Boost Their Sales

Written March 13, 2020

Categories: AD News, Apparel Decoration, News

While many decorators have mastered the craft of creating outstanding imprinted products, they often miss the boat when it comes to marketing their business and communicating an effective message that brings in more business. 

This same situation exists for the customers of decorated apparel companies.

For many decorated apparel businesses, they view their job as providing a top-quality printed T-shirt delivered on time at an agreed-upon price. And that’s where the relationship ends. What the customer does with that product or how they market it is their problem. 

But for those interested in being the supplier who goes the extra mile, who has a vested interest in helping customers succeed, and creating a stronger relationship that will outlast competitors’ cheaper prices, their job does not end with the delivery of their shirts.  

InkSoft recently published a blog entitled “For Your Customers, Sharing is Caring,”
which offers ideas and examples of ways to show clientele how to get the most out of their decorated apparel purchase. By helping them build their community, they will sell more merchandise, getting decorators more orders. Decorators also may find some of these ideas will work for their business as well.