ColDesi Shares Message of Solidarity and Positive Artwork Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Written March 23, 2020

Categories: AD News, Apparel Decoration, News

ColDesi, leading U.S.-based supplier of equipment for decorated apparel and promotional products, shares positive messaging amid coronavirus pandemic.

In an email to all customers, President Scott Colman shared the following message of encouragement:

“Our world is a series of interconnections. The connection we all have is a two-way street, passing from hand-to-hand both positive and negative. The negative is apparent right now with the worldwide spread of COVID-19. However, we have an opportunity. We can all show how positive thoughts and actions can spread even more aggressively and with greater speed than the negative. This positivity makes up the inner core of humanity.  Let us join together to raise awareness and kick COVID-19 out of our lives, out of our country and off this earth!”

Included in the email is a link to a variety of downloadable art created by the ColDesi team to help unite the industry at this time. Colman reports that the art is free for all to use and share to help spread positivity during this time.

The company is also letting customers know they are answering all support calls, and continue to provide live online training.  

The entire team is working with protective procedures in place, with many employees working remotely to assure customers and answer support.  With an increased focus on training and learning during this critical time, the company is rolling out additional special events and support measures including their new educational series ColDesi Daily.
ColDesi will continue to release new episodes of the Custom Apparel Startups podcast as well.