InkSoft Offers New Blog On Reasons Why Decorators Need An Online Store

Written May 19, 2020

Categories: AD News, Apparel Decoration, News

During this time of social distancing, having an e-commerce solution is more crucial than ever before. Businesses with web stores have a viable way to continue to offer products and services, while those who rely solely on brick and mortar are having a much harder time. 

Jeremy Pickins, creative director/CEO of Colorado-based apparel design firm AMB3R Creative and InkSoft’s newest blogger, has put together an informative, insightful new piece on “Seven Reasons Why You Need Online Stores Now.” For apparel decorators who previously thought that e-commerce was just a niche sales tool or a passing fad, Pickins explains why online stores are the real deal. 

He says, “If you’re not offering wares in a way that’s accessible to consumers, your competition probably is. At a time when a buying journey is largely remote, and consumers are prioritizing convenience, online stores make your business offerings not just possible, but attractive.”

As a verified InkSoft author, Pickins will be offering tips and tricks each month, so decorators can stay tuned for more valuable content that will help grow their business.