Zach Silverman Named New Marketing Manager at InkSoft

Written November 19, 2020

Categories: AD News, Apparel Decoration, News

Zach Silverman has joined InkSoft in the position of marketing manager. His primary responsibilities will include assisting in the creation and execution of the company’s marketing strategy. Specifically, his mission is to engage with customers to understand their problems and help solve them. 

Silverman has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. While his past experience has not been in the decorated apparel industry, he has held a variety of past positions in marketing and public relations. This includes creating his own startup company, which was a content distribution platform designed to increase the exposure and engagement that content creators have with their audience.

Customers can expect Silverman to use his creative problem-solving skills and his passion for helping brands get their content to the right audience to their benefit. Contact him at (800) 410-3048 or via email at