David Weitzner Named Chief Customer Officer at InkSoft

Written December 14, 2020

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David Weitzner recently joined InkSoft as its Chief Customer Officer. His primary duties will include overseeing the customer service team as well as ensuring overall customer happiness throughout the customer journey. Whether a customer needs product support, help boosting revenue, or solving a unique challenge, Weitzner’s mission is to ensure customers’ voices are heard and their needs met.  

Weitzner’s past experience well prepared him for his new role. Past positions have been with Fortune 500 companies such as SAP and Sage as well as high-growth startups Nextiva and Top Banana Promotions. Weitzel has extensive experience working with business-critical SaaS platforms in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), human capital management (HCM) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP).

Weitzner will be using his expertise in cloud-based SaaS technologies to help launch businesses into the 21st century while maximizing all of their business opportunities. Email him at david@inksoft.com or call directly at (480) 696-6085, ext. 1011.