Overall Objectives

The Women in Print Alliance was created with a singular purpose in mind: to mend the gender gap that still lingers in the industry today. While the industry itself has progressed—especially with the influx of female leaders and owners— there is still a marginal gap in the traditionally male printing industry. For many women—who find themselves on the cusp of embracing new careers in printing—the path in front of them can look daunting; if not a bit frustrating. And we, the Women in Print Alliance, want to stand as mentors and peers to every woman and man standing at the inception of their careers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to attract, retain, and advance women within the printing and graphics industry through multiple forums; from mentoring, education, personal and professional development. Nonetheless, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Though we primarily advocate and promote women in the industry—we also advocate for equal opportunities and resources; because to bridge gender-based issues and challenges, it’s a collective effort on everyone’s part. Therefore, our doors are open to everyone—no matter what gender, race, or creed—in order to create a unified and inclusive environment that propels the standards for other industries.