InkSoft Offers Production Calendar Feature

Written March 5, 2019

Categories: Apparel Decoration, News, Software / Hardware

InkSoft’s latest product is designed to help keep your print shop on track no matter how busy the season becomes. Its new production calendar feature allows you to see — at a glance — jobs for the day, week or month. It’s a versatile tool to ensure that no job is ever missed or delayed. 

The calendar can be viewed from your laptop in the office or on your mobile phone at your favorite coffee shop. No matter where you are, you can check on the status of any order. Rearrange job priorities on the fly by dragging and dropping as new information such as inventory or press availability change from hour to hour.  

Review the full status of each job from art approval to job completion and stay on top of your production output ensuring greater customer satisfaction and maximizing your shop’s resources.