iText launches iText DITO

Written June 20, 2019

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iText Group NV, a globally recognized thought leader and innovator in PDF libraries and solutions, announced the launch of iText DITO, the newest addition to their award-winning software offerings.   
iText DITO is a template engine built on iText’s proven technology: iText 7 Core and its add-ons pdfHTML and pdfCalligraph. It has been developed in order to reduce the time-consuming complexities that many developers face when creating and maintaining data-driven PDF templates.  
iText’s latest innovation consists of a user-friendly browser-based application and a Java back end. It enables seamless integration of HTML5, CSS, PDF 2.0 and global language/ligature support into document workflows. iText DITO allows anyone to design, configure and connect data from HTML input forms and PDF output templates, in any company house style, to the appropriate back-end data and logic, ensuring correct business results. Modifications can be made to templates, without changing a single line of code.  
“iText is a highly valued leader of innovative PDF software. Our mission is to develop high-quality technology that enables our users — many of which are Fortune 500 companies — to address the fast-changing aspects of digital business,” said Tony Van den Zegel, General Manager at iText Software Belgium. “The release of iText DITO marks a milestone in the industry, as it represents the next generation of data-driven PDF solutions.”  
“I am excited that we can finally show our latest innovation to the developers’ community. They will be pleased that iText DITO can reduce their development time of PDF templates by 70%, clearly a substantial time-saving solution for them and their company,” Raf Hens, Head of Technology at iText Group NV, stated.  
The applications of iText DITO are various: credit card statements, airline boarding passes, utility bills, application forms, medical records, invoices and many more.