Nobelus Welcomes LuxeFilms Karess SmudgeProof to the Karess Family

Written June 21, 2019

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Nobelus, specializing in printable and overlaminate films, and well known for their specialty line of films for the print and packaging trade — LuxeFilms® — is welcoming its newest member of the Karess® Family, Karess® SmudgeProof™. 

Karess SmudgeProof takes the luxurious rose petal feel into applications prone to more handling while retaining the signature feel and look of the popular LuxeFilms Karess. 
This clear overlaminate guards against scuff marks, smudges and fingerprints with its protective finish, allowing labels, cartons and book covers to boast beautiful tactility without showing wear. Its high surface energy makes an excellent platform for post-print embellishments, especially detailed Scodix® artwork. This 1.2 OPP base product bursts beautifully in production for a crisp clean edge. 

LuxeFilms Karess SmudgeProof will be showcased at PRINTING United in Dallas, October 23 - 25. 

Knoxville, Tenn.-based Nobelus® provides the print and packaging industry with laminate films that set new standards of appeal and excellence in today’s competitive retail environment. 

With over 25 years in the specialty film and finishing industry, Nobelus' experience in thermal laminate films has transferred into a new world of specialty laminating, both in thermal and wet lamination applications. 

This new world of possibilities offers brand owners, designers, publishers and print finishers an outstanding new tool in gaining consumer attention and market share. Nobelus provides firstly innovation, but also outstanding service, integrity, quality and confidence across a broad spectrum of film products.

“We’re excited to offer yet another innovative film solution to our clients,” says John Corley, Sales Manager at Nobelus. ”Who doesn’t love the beautiful look and luxurious feel of Karess, and now fingerprint free!”