STAHLS’ Offers New "Get This Look" Iridescent Heat Transfer Vinyl Video

Written August 15, 2019

Categories: Apparel Decoration, Apparel Decoration, Industry News, News

In a new video published by STAHLS’, learn how to create a multicolor vinyl-cut design combining CAD-CUT® Chroma Bling and CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM®. Chroma Bling is a new iridescent material that gives a shiny, metallic, sparkly look that changes color in the light. Because it’s semi-transparent, it takes on color properties of the fabric it is heat applied to.

The latest in the company’s popular “Get This Look” series, this step-by-step demonstration starts with a review of what equipment is needed for weeding and application. It will spark ideas for a decorator's business as well as show how multiple colors can be used to create more interest and pop using a vinyl cutter. 

View the “Get This Look: Iridescent Heat Transfer Vinyl” video on the STAHLS’ Blog.