Excelitas to Highlight OmniCure AC Series UV Curing Systems

Written September 19, 2019

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Excelitas Technologies®, a global technology leader delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, will showcase its OmniCure AC Series LED UV Curing Systems at the IWCS 2019 Cable and Connectivity Symposium in Charlotte, N.C. (booth 121). Suitable for a variety of fiber curing and coating applications, OmniCure AC Series Systems utilize high-output LEDs and advanced front-end optics to achieve high-peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity for greater flexibility.

On display will be:

OmniCure AC9225-F LED UV Fiber Curing System: Designed specifically for fiber coating or marking applications, the air-cooled OmniCure AC9225-F delivers up to 20W per square centimeter irradiance and exceptional uniformity at long working distances. The system has a custom optical design to optimize delivery of UV onto the fiber, thus allowing for efficient curing and faster line speeds with up to 50% energy savings compared to traditional lamp solutions. Featuring a replaceable outer window assembly for added protection and ease of maintenance, AC9225-F boasts over 40,000 hours of LED lifetime.
OmniCure AC8-HD (High Dose) Series of LED UV Curing Systems: Offering higher optical power and enhanced performance in the same air-cooled mechanical enclosure as its AC8 and AC9 predecessors, AC8-HD delivers over 50% more dose with unprecedented optical uniformity. Excelitas’ patented control technology for addressing individual LED UV modules enables an outstandingly tight irradiation across the UV emitting length, and between heads. The light source is ideal for large area curing of coatings, adhesives and inks in medical, industrial, electronics manufacturing, wood coating, touch panel/display, solar panel, conformal coating, automotive and print applications.

Company experts will be on-site or available by phone in advance of the conference to provide updates on its solutions.