Sun Automation Group Introduces New Electric Ink Pump

Written October 16, 2019

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SUN Automation Group, a global leader in providing innovative solutions to the corrugated box industry, is excited to introduce its latest innovation, the Electra-Flow Electric Ink Pump, at CorrExpo 2019 in Denver October 14 - 16. The patent-pending, electrically powered, double diaphragm ink pump has all the qualities of an air-powered ink pump while offering a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective operation.   

“We pride ourselves on creating customer-centric innovations and the Electric Ink Pump is further evidence of that,” says Greg Jones, Vice President of Global Sales & Aftermarket at SUN Automation Group. “It’s an immediate and effective response to the high costs and inefficiencies associated with traditional air diaphragms.”

The inherent design of the Electric Ink Pump not only eliminates the need for costly air consumption and associated pneumatic plumbing and valves required for air-powered pumps, it also lowers maintenance and material costs. The Electric Ink Pump uses a low-voltage DC motor in a reciprocating motion to oscillate opposed diaphragms. The two pump heads are timed so that one head is taking liquid in while the other is expelling. As a result, pump pulsations are minimized due to the smooth reversing action of the crank mechanism. Intuitively designed, the Electric Ink Pump is available as a stand-alone kit or can be integrated into ink system controls. 

With variable motor speeds, users can adjust the flow volume from 0 - 10 gallons per minute and are ensured a consistent and predictable flow rate at any level. The low-voltage design further reduces energy consumption and increases operator safety. In addition, its self-priming, positive displacement features enable corrugated paper scraps and high-viscosity inks to freely pass through the system, eliminating stalls and further reducing maintenance requirements. 

“We are pleased to introduce this innovative solution to the corrugated industry and look forward to continuing to serve customer demands with business-building enhancements like the Electra-Flow Electric Ink Pump,” says Jones.  

Visitors to CorrExpo 2019 can also learn more by attending the coveted “What’s New Session,” on the show floor Tuesday, October 15. SUN Automation Group’s Business Relations Manager, Frank Reynolds, will offer further insights in how this breakthrough technology can help box plants maximize efficiencies.