Ricoma Embroidery Machines Move to New Headquarters

Written October 22, 2019

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Ricoma Embroidery Machines begins its transition to its brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Medley, Fla. The long-awaited move comes after two years of construction and was finally initiated in mid-October 2019.

The new facility will house all Ricoma employees and all machinery within its 58,000 square footage.

“This is yet another milestone inked in the company’s history and will be the springboard for the next chapter of growth that’s to come,” said Henry Ma, Ricoma COO.

The new building, located just 10 minutes north of Ricoma’s current home, includes a two-story, open-concept workspace, a showroom open to customers and two massive warehouses with plenty of space for testing, preparing and shipping Ricoma’s embroidery machines.

The open floor plan pushes Ricoma in a modern direction, with emphasis on employee cohesion and collaboration. With one side of the building completely made of glass windows, Ricoma’s new headquarters is a bright and welcoming workspace.

With a large showroom to showcase Ricoma’s machines, customers are welcome to browse products and will then have plenty of room to practice with their machine in the spacious training room after making a purchase.

Multiple conference rooms and additional private offices will also contribute to the company’s productivity. From the impressive size of the building to the details of the grand marble entrance, staircase and elevator, Ricoma’s new headquarters is a masterful piece of architecture.  

“The building offers not only a beautiful work environment for our employees, but also is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to better help our customers,” said Ricoma CEO, Frank Ma.

The new facility will not only generate and promote productivity, but the pleasing aesthetics will also motivate and boost company morale and allow customers to get the most out of their Ricoma experience. 

A new media room will now allow for Ricoma to produce better-quality video tutorials for its growing YouTube channel and higher-quality product visuals for its website and brochures.

Complete with automatic standing desks, interactive conference TV screens and modern meeting spaces with charging ports, this tech-savvy building is the perfect place for Ricoma to, as it says on the sign outside, Think Beyond.