RISO Enjoys Success at PRINTING United

Written November 5, 2019

Categories: CP News, News

RISO Inc. was a principal exhibitor and advertiser at the PRINTING United Trade Show, October 23 - 25 in Dallas last month.
“RISO would like to thank the organizers of PRINTING United 2019 for putting together a show the likes of which we have not seen in years,” said Andre D’Urbano, Director of Dealer Sales and Corporate Marketing at RISO. “The vendors as well as guests were extremely engaged, and it was great to see our old friend ‘The Show Daily’ make a triumphant return to the scene.”
Showcased at the RISO booth was a full array of the company’s models of cut-sheet inkjet printers, including the ComColor FW series, the ComColor GD series and the newly released Valezus T2100, a 320 page-per-minute (ppm) cut-sheet press designed for high-volume inkjet printing in color.
RISO set a new company record with 27 signed inkjet orders at the booth, including one for the 320 ppm unit on display, which D’Urbano considers a strong indicator of the market’s need for affordable color. “There is an increasing demand for color at one cent per page and the need for inkjet is growing in every segment of our industry. Exciting times are ahead for our industry and RISO!”