Zünd Launches Redesigned Website

Written February 4, 2020

Categories: Digital Packaging, Digital Textile, DP News, DT News, GP News, Graphics Production, Industry News, News

At the beginning of the year, Zünd launched a redesign of the company’s website. The new site is highly responsive and has a cleaner, more modern look and feel. Its content has been broadened and is now more logically structured, making it easier for visitors to locate relevant information.

Zünd is continually evolving and expanding its digital cutting systems. At the same time, user behavior is changing as well, reflecting an environment that is becoming increasingly digital. With a fresh new online presence, Zünd is paying heed to all of these developments. 

Because of its fluid design, the zund.com site automatically adapts to different devices and screen sizes both in terms of functionality and appearance. The new site is much more user-friendly and offers several new features, including a simple Product Finder. Here visitors can quickly access information based on their specific equipment needs. Alternatively, they can access application-specific information with just a few clicks in the "Applications" section. 

Visitors to the site now also have much easier access to Zünd internationally. By completing a simple form, they can request to schedule a personal demonstration at one of Zünd's many demo facilities across the globe. To speak with a Zünd specialist at an upcoming trade show, they can also easily request an appointment through zund.com. In the "News Room", visitors can find out about important  Zünd news, get a quick overview of upcoming shows worldwide, and discover many exciting user stories from a wide variety of applications.