InkSoft Creates Marketing Resources Index on Website

Written July 10, 2020

Categories: AD News, Apparel Decoration, News

Knowledge is power, and InkSoft believes providing it is the key to helping decorators shorten the learning curve and be more successful. As a part of that philosophy, the company has always invested resources to offer blogs, podcasts, videos, and e-books to help current and potential customers learn how to market, use social media, and sharpen a wide array of business skills. 

This library of resources is now available in one handy location on the website. Here, decorators will find marketing strategies, tools, and ready-to-use kits that will allow them to improve and grow. In a post-pandemic environment and economy, smart business practices will be more important than ever before. 

Just a few examples of what kind of content you will find includes “Online Stores: Maximize Selling Opportunities for Every Customer;” “More Solutions, NOT More Products;” and “Digital Marketing Training Course For Apparel Decorators.”