Xitron Partner Printware Installs 1,000th Navigator Digital Front End

Written June 22, 2021

Categories: Commercial Printing, CP News, News

Xitron, a subsidiary of Global Graphics PLC and the developer of the Harlequin-based Navigator RIP and workflow products for commercial, flexo, screen, digital, and high-speed inkjet printing, and Printware — a print industry leader in prepress and digital solutions — is celebrating the 1000th installation of Xitron’s Navigator DFE. Developed to drive Printware’s extensive line of high-speed inkjet envelope presses from the iJetColor family, the iJet Color-branded Navigator DFE provides Printware’s customers with brand color matching and the industry-leading ColorBoost technology to optimize color fidelity at high production speeds.
“Printware and Xitron have a long history of co-development, going back to our Platestream CTP systems, which were popular in the early 2000’s,” says Tim Murphy, President of Printware. “As we began our transition to high-speed inkjet with the iJetColor Classic a few years ago, our close relationship with Xitron’s team resulted in advanced color management capabilities for a variety of inkjet print heads, including those from Memjet and HP.” In 2020, the iJetColor Pro 1175P with Navigator DFE was voted PRINTING United Alliance’s Product of the Year in the digital press category, and Navigator DFE was awarded the Intertech Technology award.
“We’re extremely pleased with the success of Navigator DFE in the market,” says Karen Crews, president of Xitron. “Printware’s implementation played a critical role in our development of Memjet and HP FI-1000 printhead-based systems. Ultimately, it became the basis on which we built a DFE compatible with the most productive printheads available today.” Navigator DFE drives systems based on printheads from Kyocera, XAAR, Konica-Minolta, Epson, Ricoh, and Toshiba, in addition to Memjet and HP. It supports drive electronics from Meteor Inkjet (also a Global Graphics company), GIS, and DPS.