Provide Unique Value to Overcome Price Wars

July 2, 2019

Today’s world demands that we add unique, creative, and passionate value to all parts of the sales process. It is not optional and is imperative. We must “over-service” our accounts, make their lives simple, give them headache relief, and reduce their stress. We must anticipate their needs before they occur. And, must be seen by our clients as interactive partners (shoulder to shoulder with them) not transactional vendors (price based and across the table from them). Price is Price. Value = Price + Goods/Services + YOU! Learn to sell value, and succeed!

Presented by: Ryan Sauers. Sauers Consulting Services
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Ryan T. Sauers
Sauers Consulting Strategies

Ryan T. Sauers, President of Sauers Consulting Strategies, has spent over 25 years leading and/or consulting with printing/graphics organizations. Key focus areas: sales, marketing, branding, and leadership development. Sauers is a frequent national speaker and serves as an adjunct university professor teaching leadership courses. Ryan is a Certified Myers Briggs, DiSC, and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. Sauers is a columnist for the globally read: Wide-Format Impressions, PI World, and Print & Promo. Ryan is working on his Doctoral degree in Leadership Studies and is host of the Marketing Matters radio show. He is author of the best-selling books Everyone is in Sales and Would You Buy from You?  More info: