Alder Color Solutions Color Management Boot Camp (Online_Nov16-18)

November 16 to 18, 2021

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Who Should Attend

Owners, managers, designers, pre-press and production


Dan Gillespie
  • Cell: (717) 475-9007


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Nov 15, 2021, 18:00 PM

Color Training for your Business

In this online PRINTING United Alliance Color Management Boot Camp hosted by Alder Color Solutions and sponsored by EFI, you will learn from PRINTING United Alliance certified instructors about color theory and principles, goals of color management, device calibration, time-tested procedures, newest print standards, spot colors, and print verification. This boot camp will use EFI Fiery XF as its RIP software.

This is an online boot camp and will be conducted from 1:00pm - 4:00pm (EST) each day -- check with Dan Gillespie for details.

Take control of your color with this hands-on workshop. If you are:

  • Struggling with color control
  • Having difficulty getting approval from your customers
  • Wanting to produce better and more consistent color
  • Curious about brand and spot colors

You need to attend Alder Color Solution's event as PRINTING United Alliance certified instructors take you through the PRINTING United Alliance Color Management boot camp to make large-format inkjet color management work for you.

“The light went on for me when I understood why GCR is so important!” Barry Key, Galileo Consulting.

Although some color concepts are common across the printing industry (offset, flexo, screen), PRINTING United Alliance's exclusive workshop concentrates on the unique aspects of large format inkjet.

PRINTING United Alliance certified instructors will teach you all about:

  • Color theory and principles
  • Goals of color management
  • Device calibration
  • Time-tested color management procedures
  • The newest print standards, including Brand specifications
  • Spot Color management and verification
  • Print Validation

“I'm looking forward to more consistent color with less finger crossing!” Mike Althaus, Corporate Communications Group

You will learn

  • Color management concepts
  • Print standards and specifications
  • Color measurement instrumentation and profiling software
  • Instruction for device calibration and media profiling
  • Print Verification
  • Hands on RIP workstations and X-rite equipment
  • Software for profile viewing and quality control

Thank you to our Supporters

Alder Color Solutions, EFI, and X-Rite Pantone

This online workshop is conducted by PRINTING United Alliance certified instructors. The focused, small-class setting allows you to master principles of color management. Learn from the industry's top instructors and walk away with confidence and skill. Register now - space is limited. All workshops are taught in English.

PRINTING United Alliance may on occasion take photographs and/or video of its program participants for use in print materials or by electronic methods. Your entry into PRINTING United Alliance facilities, participation in PRINTING United Alliance programs or participation in PRINTING United Alliance events grants permission for PRINTING United Alliance to use these photographs and/or video in its marketing and public relations efforts.

*Minimum class size requirements must be met 30 days prior to workshop start date in order to hold workshop. Do not book your travel until you are notified that the class is a "go."

Download the SGIA Control Print and bring your prints to the class with you.


Bill Owen

BIll Owen


Dan Gillespie
Director of Technical Services
Alder Color Solutions

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The agenda for this online class will be broken down into 3 hour sessions -- contact the host to find out more details.

What is color theory? What are the principles of color theory? How do I set goals for color management? How do I calibrate a device? Can I time-test procedures? What are the newest print standards? How do I perform a print verification? In our online workshop on color management, you will get the answers!

Check our agenda for the color management boot camp.

Day 1

Introduction to Course

  • Class Policies
  • Introductions
  • Workbook

Basic Color Theory

  • Basic color theory gets the boot camp started with a recap of color concepts so that we are all on the same page. Having a common reference point as we talk about color space, gamut, rendering intent, L*a*b*, LCH, viewing conditions and importance of measuring color unites the group for discussion. Understanding different tolerancing methods and what they mean is an important concept that will be explored throughout the boot camp. This section wraps up with a recap of additional resources for the student.

Color Targets and Strategies

  • Color targets and strategies is fundamentally one of the most important parts of the boot camp. Having a color target, a process to get you there and verification to know you’ve reached your target is what makes color management work. Consistent, predictable and repeatable color is our goal so knowing your targets and where to set them is critical. This section also serves as an introduction to what’s to come in the remainder of the boot camp and sets the table, as it were, for the following two days.
  • Anatomy of Inkjet Printing
    • Great color doesn’t just happen, it’s a process, and understanding the anatomy of your inkjet printer is crucial for consistent and repeatable color. We offer an in-depth overview of different print systems from wide to grand format. Print head type is discussed in detail and best practices for printer maintenance is covered. Good operating environment conditions are covered to help you understand how impactful swings in humidity and temperature will affect print quality – and therefore color.

Day 2

Monitor Calibration

  • Monitor calibration is exactly what you think it is. We spend some hands-on time calibrating the monitors on the device that we are using during the boot camp. We’ll cover best practices and settings to consider when calibrating, and then we’ll calibrate and verify the calibration of the monitors we are using during the class.

Measurement Devices

  • Measurement Devices, variables and conditions explores the color measurement devices that are available to our industry and helps you to differentiate one from another. We look at aperture size along with measurement geometry/conditions and show you how to reduce variables when measuring color. Thanks to manufacturer support, we have many of the devices available during class for hands-on opportunities with each and we use a popular spectrophotometer during our hands-on profiling module.

Color Management Pyramid

  • In color targets and strategies, we taught that color management is all about having a target, a process to hit that target, and then verification that you hit it – the color management pyramid module is all about the process. We teach the color management pyramid because we believe it is a great way to visualize the process and a reminder of the importance of the early steps or foundation of the pyramid. Follow these steps and you will have a good color management system.

Day 3

Lecture: Spot Colors

  • One of the most powerful features in any RIP software is the ability to manage spot colors. Through a brief lecture and then a hands-on exercise we teach you how to unlock this feature and use it to your full advantage. You’ll learn how to create custom spot colors, manage existing Pantone Spot colors, and troubleshoot for those times that a customer has made a mess of things! Use your printer’s full Gamut and hit spot colors that you may have thought were out of reach.


  • The last step in any good color management process is verification. Knowing when you are hitting the target, when your printer is beginning to drift, or when you have missed the target completely is critical in any color management process. We answer the question – “How often should I re-calibrate?”. We show many of the options available and then demonstrate how it works.

Overview of Answer Key

  • An intended outcome of this class is certification in SGIA’s Digital Color Professional program. This module covers the print form that students will follow through on and submit after completion of the online assessment. We cover the challenges that have been incorporated into the print form and make sure that the student knows how to overcome them. The challenges on the print form are all things the student will run into back at their shop, so this is a very informative module.

Optional Hands-On Lab

Hands On: Media Configuration & Profiling

  • This module is just what it says it is. Hands-on time, implementing the things that were taught on day one of the boot camp. Attendees will create a media profile in one of the RIP software available at the class – a reminder, this is not RIP training it is color management training, so this is not a deep dive into software. You will be taught how to do color management and profiling, and have the opportunity to do it hands-on, skills that you can transfer to any RIP software.