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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Why Consider UV Printer In Your Shop? Simple...Profit!

The UV print market is expanding quickly and represents a unique growth path. From specialty items such as license tags or smartphone covers to full bleed 4x8 ft or larger signage, UV inks and equipment are now positioned for a market explosion. In this seminar, learn all about the recent changes in inks as well as how those changes are creating multiple choices in printer sizes and abilities. Attendees will find that they can become part of the UV market from small projects to larger more industrial applications. We will give a thorough overview of the market, applications and devices that can be used to create print those applications. Attendees should walk away with a better understanding of the market as well as prepared to explore the many options in equipment size and capabilities available. All should see how to grow profits with this unique style of ink and equipment.
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Company Owners
Management Teams
Production Managers
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