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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Brand Color Production - Standards, Management and Consistency

This presentation will look at "Brand Colors" and start out on how they have been produced on Wide Format and Inkjet solutions. This presentation will explore traditional tools and software and methodologies used, as well as new tools and concepts in how to produce your "Brand" owner's colors. This interactive session will include collaboration with active users in the audience to understand the many issues and processes they have to perform to create an "acceptable" outcome for their Brand Owners. We will touch on standards as well as new concepts to help end users get to optimum achievability, regardless of types of printing being used to complete the "Brand Campaign." This session will also address how you really know when you have the best possible match. We will dive into "Validation." Is it being used? What tools or solutions are available?    
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Company Owners
Graphic Designers
Management Teams
Pre-press Team
Production Managers
Workflow Team
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