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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Color Management Boot Camp (Fairfax, VA)

Basic Training for Your Business

In this color management boot camp in Fairfax, VA you will learn from the SGIA experts about color theory and principles, goals of color management, device callibration, time-tested procedures, newest print standards, and print verification.

Drop and Give Us 20! 

Take control of your color with this hands-on workshop in SGIA's state-of-the-art lab. If you are:

  • Struggling with color control
  • Having difficulty getting approval from your customers
  • Wanting to produce better and more consistent color

You need to attend SGIA's Color Management Boot Camp to make large-format inkjet color management work for you.

“Being in the same room with color experts for communicating visual information was huge!” Victor Alexander, Graphics Works Inc.

Although some color concepts are common across the printing industry (offset, flexo, screen), SGIA's exclusive workshop concentrates on the unique aspects of large format inkjet.

SGIA experts will teach you all about:

  • Color theory and principles
  • Goals of color management
  • Device calibration
  • Time-tested color management procedures
  • The newest print standards and how you can use them to improve customer satisfaction
  • Print Verification
  • Hands-on media profiling with popular RIP software, including: Caldera, Onyx, and Wasatch

“The instructors all were very resourceful and willing to help with the questions I had.” Tommy Naverette, Bluemedia

Who Should Attend: 
Company Owners
Pre-press Team
Production Managers
Workflow Team
What will you learn: 
  • Color management concepts
  • Print standards and specifications
  • Color measurement instrumentation and profiling software
  • Instruction for device calibration and media profiling
  • Print Verification
  • Software for profile viewing and quality control
  • Hands on small-group RIP workstations, barbieri and X-rite equipment

This workshop takes place in SGIA's Digital Imaging Lab and classroom facility located in Fairfax, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, DC). The focused, small-class setting allows you to master Color Management. Learn from the industry's top instructors and walk away with confidence and skill. Register now — space is limited. All workshops are taught in English.

SGIA may on occasion take photographs and/or video of its program participants for use in print materials or by electronic methods. Your entry into SGIA facilities, participation in SGIA programs or participation in SGIA events grants permission for SGIA to use these photographs and/or video in its marketing and public relations efforts.

*Minimum class size requirements must be met 3 weeks prior to workshop start date in order to hold workshop. SGIA Registration/Cancellation Policies.

That is all. Dismissed!

Download the SGIA Control Image and bring your prints to the class with you.