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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Webinar Series

Webinar Series

SGIA Webinars present essential information about today's hottest industry topics — from imaging technologies and business management issues to new laws and mandates affecting the community. 

The upcoming Webinars offer something to each industry sector, including: Wide-format digital imaging, screen graphics, finishing techniques, graphics installations and business management. 

All Webinars are free, 60 minutes in length and broadcast online beginning at 2:00 pm EST. Please see below for a complete Webinar schedule and session descriptions. 

If you missed an SGIA Webinar, and would like to view an archived version, visit our Webinar Archive. Most programs are loaded to the archive within a couple of hours.

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Date: Aug 21
Presenter(s): Tery Tennant
Performance reviews often get a bad rap - managers don't like giving them and employees are stressed when getting them! A performance discussion should be a positive thing with no surprises - and it should also be a motivator to develop skills further.

Date: Aug 23
Join Karstedt Partners as they present part three of a three-part webinar report on the findings of a joint SGIA/Karstedt Partners research study into the use of digital printing technologies in packaging sectors. This session focuses on findings in the corrugated packaging segment.

Date: Aug 30
Presenter(s): Edward Cook
This presentation will focus on ECI's discovery of an untouched market: Career opportunities for artists within the printing industry.

Date: Sept 4
Presenter(s): Viktor Lazzeri
This sponsored SGIA Webinar covers what affects the accuracy of measurements, addresses guidelines for measuring transmissive media, and presents a guide for handling for the “reference area.” Further, it will offer tips and tricks to measure different kinds of reflective media, key factors in me

Date: Sept 6
Presenter(s): Pete Lovelace
Do you have engaged team members who are committed to you and willing to put forth extra effort to deliver superior performance? Now is the time to build a culture of engagement.

Date: Sept 11
Presenter(s): Tim Quinn
This presentation covers why understanding how to build curves is still critical to good color reproduction no matter the print process.

Date: Sept 18
Presenter(s): Nigel Heywood
This informative webinar will provide a view of the current state of 3D printing industry, its printers, and its potential impact on the future of the graphics industry. 

Date: Oct 2
Presenter(s): Brian Hart
Assisting many brands to tell their story, what we see is a lack of discipline on how to capture visuals to tell your story. Join us as we propose a process and techniques to document project for your facility and brand. This process can be implement for any site facility.

Date: Oct 4
Presenter(s): Susan Moore
By the year 2020 customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator according to a Walker study. In a world where we can mimic our competitors' marketing and prices in an instant, CX is the new competitive battlefield.

Date: Oct 11
Presenter(s): Dan Marx
The 2018 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas will be a massive event, packed packed with people, equipment, content and opportunities.

Date: Oct 30
Presenter(s): Mark Coudray
It's no secret all graphic markets have become hyper competitive and commoditized over the last few years. Consolidation of providers, processes, and markets continue with no end in sight.

Date: Nov 1
Presenter(s): Joe House
It's no secret all graphic markets have become hyper competitive and commoditized over the last few years. Consolidation of providers, processes, and markets continue with no end in sight.

Date: Nov 6
Presenter(s): Michael Compton
Due to the tremendous success of last year's presentation, I am proposing an advanced course on this topic addressing the growing demand for properly printed backlit fabrics.

Date: Nov 8
Presenter(s): Olga Dorokhina
SGIA recently posted the full reports from its 2018 Industry Surveys.

Date: Nov 20
Presenter(s): Bruce Bayne
All printing is subject to variables that affect the consistency of the printed results. It seems most companies that rely on printing devices to make a living spend little or no time concerning themselves with ways to manage their print consistency.

Date: Nov 27
Presenter(s): Juha Saily
This paper introduces technology that was developed to measure 3D features of various surface and material types at sub-micron resolution. LCI enables automatic microtopographic imaging of challenging objects that are difficult or impossible to measure with traditional methods.

Date: Nov 29
Presenter(s): Vince DiCecco
Are your past due receivables putting a drag on your business? Cash is your company's lifeblood. Without it, a business cannot accurately calculate how long it takes for $1 spent today to return as $1 profit sometime down the road. While sales are important, cash is still king.

Date: Dec 4
Presenter(s): Dean DeMarco
Join printing production master Dean Demarco for an interview highlighting his experiences in – and impressions about – the display graphics sector; an overview of his company’s processes, markets and products; and a view into what makes his company successful.

Date: Dec 13
Presenter(s): Johnny Shell
Join a panel of Golden Image judges as they discuss the sometimes mind-blowing, sometimes subtle process steps and innovations that made certain SGIA Golden Imaging Competition winners "a cut above" other enteries.

Date: Dec 18
Presenter(s): Ken Bach
This presentation will discuss the marketing of Digitally printed textiles. It will review the various type of applications requested. How to select the best display hardware and fabric. We will go over markets that have embraced fabric and ones that are about to.

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