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Golden Image Category Definitions

I. Subgroups

True Process Color — Screen printing using 3 to 8 screens using transparent colors — with at least three of them CMYK, in any dot configuration. Process is capable of creating a full color gamut, full tonal range, and color-accurate real life images. Touch plates are permissible. Expanded gamut separations such as Hexachrome and Hi-Fi Color are permissible. Textile printers — for dark garment categories, a white under base and white highlights are permissible.

Single/Multicolor — Screen printing solid spot colors and simple halftone tints. Any other dot patterns belong in another subgroup. Any number of printing colors using transparent, semi-opaque, and opaque inks are permissible. This subgroup process is incapable of producing real life images and should not be used to simulate true process color.

Simulated/Index Color — Screen printing using any number of transparent, semi-opaque or opaque inks in any dot configuration. This subgroup process is capable of creating a wide color gamut over a full tonal range and can simulate real life images. Halftones, duotones, tri-tones, quad-tones, and posterizations should be entered in this subgroup.

Digital — Products decorated using one of several non-impact imaging technologies where the image is formed by a computer controlled printer. (To include: ink jet, laser photo, and thermal transfer.)

II. Categories (Alphabetically)

Advertising Specialty/Promotional Products — Generally a low-cost item bearing a printed advertising message, or a company's name, logo or promotional message.

Back-lighted Signs/Displays — Imagery and text presenting a commercial message and designed to be viewed in an illuminated or backlighted state. (Not including backlighted panels for electronic instrumentation and similar products.)

Bags - A portable container of leather, cloth, canvas, or non-woven material.

Banners — Imagery and text on flexible substrates, textile or otherwise, which generally convey a commercial or promotional message.

Building Graphics — Grand format graphics including building wraps, wall murals, scaffolding covers and large mesh banners.

Calendars — A register of week or months conventionally marking a year printed on virtually any substrate.

Carpets/Rugs — Digitally decorated textile floor coverings.

Ceramics — Ceramic tile, and other similar materials, decorated with inks that are subjected to kiln firing during manufacture.

Containers - Imagery printed on cylindrical items made of glass, metal, plastic, or other material capable of holding liquids or other substances.

Compact Discs — Any printed compact disc.

Decals/Labels/Stickers — Small format imagery and text on pressure sensitive material intended for placement on another surface. (Not including water-slide, lacquer or ceramic decals, fleet markings or vehicle wraps which are contained in other categories.)

Decals, Water-Slide/Lacquer/Ceramic — Printed decals that release from a support sheet and transfer to the application surface through use of water, adhering varnish, or heat.

Electronic Products/Other — Other electronic products produced with printed conductive ink. This category is for R&D, inventions, and innovative products, with printed electronics, as well as EL Lamps, force sensing devices, RFID, biosensors, resistors, photovoltaic, touch screens, batteries, fuel cells, e-paper, etc. Entries are judged on uniqueness, use of existing technology in new ways, overall quality of the product graphics, circuit(s), assembly, lamination, registration, dimensional tolerance, intricacy, and production size.

Embroidery — Images created by drawing or lettering with threads using automatic machines sewing directly on to a finished textile product.

Fine Art — Non-commercial expressions of an artistic nature of either original productions (serigraphs) or reproductions of pre-existing images.

Finished Garments (Light) — Articles of apparel that are completely sewn and assembled prior to printing. (Not to include garments printed light on dark, screen printed jackets, nylon shells, rainwear, hats, caps, visors, etc.)

Finished Garments (Dark) — Articles of apparel that are completely sewn and assembled prior to printing. They must be printed light on dark. (Not to include printed jackets, nylon shells, rainwear, hats, caps, visors, etc

Flags — A piece of fabric (usually rectangular) with a distinct design which is used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or decoration.

Fleet Markings (Multisheet) — Imagery and text on pressure-sensitive products (consisting of multiple sheets designed to present a unified message when assembled) used to identify company and consumer products, vehicles, government transportation, etc.

Fleet Markings (Single Sheet) — Imagery and text on pressure-sensitive products (printed on single sheet of substrate) used to identify company and consumer products, vehicles, government transportation, etc.

Flocked Products — Products decorated with flock fiber to impart a decorative and/or functional characteristic to the surface. Floor Graphics - Full-color, self-adhesive, permanent or removable floor graphics for both indoor and outdoor applications distinguished by their anti-slip surface.

Glass/Mirrors, Flat — Subsurface or top-surface printing on flat glass or similar glass and mirror products.

Glass, Curved — Printing on curved glass surfaces including, but not limited to, ceramic mugs, drinking glasses, bottles, windshields, etc.

Greeting Cards — Printed messages of goodwill, usually associated with special occasions, printed on paper or similar substrates.

Heat Transfers (Textile) — Heat applied transfers for garments, hats, caps and visors only.

Heat Transfers (Other) — Heat applied transfers for non-textile products such as containers and buckets.

Instrumentation/Dials/Gauges/Panels — Close tolerance printing on various substrates, including backlit panel fronts and electronic graphic overlays.

Interior Design - Printing or imaging commonly incorporated for use in interior design applications. Materials generally include wallpaper, ceramic tile, upholstery/drapery fabrics, bed/table linens, carpet, wood, glass, lamp shades, and window blinds, which are decorated with artistic patterns rather than commercial messages.

Jackets — Outerwear and rainwear (such as vinyl, leather, nylon and denim) sewn and assembled prior to printing (not to include fleece and similar fabrics which might otherwise be entered as Finished Garments.)

Loose-leaf Products — Any printed cover material used to hold loose sheets of paper or other materials. Not to include ring binders or similar covers. No limit to substrate. Flat single-sheet products other than posters.

Magnets — A printed material or object with a magnetic field.

Manually-Printed Finished Garments (Light) — Articles of apparel that are completely sewn and assembled prior to screen printing. Samples must be printed by hand (no automation). This category does not include garments printed light on dark, jackets, nylon shells, rainwear, hats, caps, visors, etc.

Manually-Printed Finished Garments (Dark) — Articles of apparel that are completely sewn and assembled prior to screen printing. Samples must be printed by hand (no automation). This category does not include jackets, nylon shells, rainwear, hats, caps, visors, etc.

Membrane Switches — A membrane switch is a momentary switching device in which at least one contact is on, or made of, a flexible substrate and printed with conductive ink. Entries must have at least one switch in the assembly and may include all types of printed circuits and assembly options to create a membrane switch. The device will be judged on...the overall quality of the graphic overlay, circuit(s), assembly, lamination, registration, dimensional tolerance, intricacy, production size.

Note: The graphics of the overlay are a consideration but not judged in this category. The "Instrumentation, Dials, Gages and Panels" category should be used for this purpose.

Note 2: Entries in this category may also include items which could be entered in the "Electronic Products-Other" category, at the discretion of the entrant. All entries in this category will be judged solely on the criteria of the membrane switch without consideration to the uniqueness of the overall product. If the entrant should wish to emphasize the uniqueness of the complete product they should enter the item in the "Electronic Products-Other" category.

Metal Signs/Products — Imagery and text on any metal substrate.

Nameplates — Printed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markings, product or identification graphics printed on metal or plastic, for example, for eventual attachment to another product. (Not to include decal products.)

Pad Printed Products — Any item printed by the pad printing process using a silicon pad and cliche to transfer the image to the substrate.

Piece Goods — Any panel or section of fabric that is printed prior to assembly into a finished product. (Submit entries unassembled.)

Plastic Products (Other) — Any item printed on flat or non-formed plastic including signage, advertising specialties and any product printed flat, scored and later formed into a three-dimensional item. (Not to include Compact Discs.)

Plastic Products, Three-Dimensional — Consumer product packaging or other items printed only in the three-dimensional format on a plastic substrate, generally conveying a promotional message, product identification or use instructions. (Not to include pad printed items.)

Posters (Multisheet) — Any commercial message printed on multiple sheets designed to present a unified message when assembled (posted) on an indoor or outdoor display.

Posters (Single Sheet) — Any commercial message screen printed on a single sheet of paper (or similar substrate to exclude backlit materials) for indoor or outdoor viewing.

Retail Displays/Exhibits — Merchandising or exposition units designed for use at the point-of-sale or to promote or demonstrate particular products or services in general. (Not including back-lighted displays.)

Ring & Catalog Binders — Printed binders utilizing split metal rings attached to the spine to allow addition and removal of loose sheets of paper.

Special Effects - Textile — Unusual visual effects beyond the range of traditional inks and printing that are produced by using special effect inks or special effect techniques to include High Density, Gels, Foils, Flock, Caviar Beads/PVC Flakes, etc.

Textile Products (Other) — Printed textiles such as tote bags, backpacks, draperies, tapestries, bed linens, towels, pennants, caps, visors, etc.

Transit Advertising — Printed signs and posters used inside or outside of buses, trains, taxis, subways, etc.

Unique Applications — Images incorporating unique printing techniques for products not otherwise defined, or images installed and/or finished in a noteworthy fashion.

Vacuum-Formed/Distortion Printed Products — Any plastic item printed prior to vacuum forming or pressure forming into a 3-dimensional finished product.

Vehicle Wraps — Pressure sensitive material printed and applied to the exterior of vehicles.

Wallpaper — Any paper, fabric, or vinyl material printed with decorative patterns for pasting on and covering walls.

Wooden Signs/Products — Imagery and text printed directly on wood, Masonite, or wood fiber substrates (excluding paper products).