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PES: Testing of Solder Joints to Printed Electronic Traces on Flexible Polymer Substrates

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Oct 10, 2:30 pm

Advancements in printed electronics continue to evolve into areas that were never before considered possible.  The ability to solder to printed electronic traces combines technologies from rigid circuit board applications with printed circuits using additive processes.  The combination of soldering components or leads to thin printed traces can reduce cost and manufacturing time with advances in robotic equipment and the proper selection of material sets.  This process has been limited to the physical limitations of the materials considered, such as the melting temperature of the substrate or the upper operating limits of the printed inks used.  Test procedures that demonstrate the functional operating limits of the resulting component will be required.  New tests will need to be developed with the careful understanding of what is being tested and how the results can convey the ability of the finished component to withstand various environments when in use.  This presentation will begin to understand the tests needed and the methods by which they are applied, importantly pull strength and adhesion level.  The information presented here will be based on new methods of construction, and as such will continue to evolve as processes and materials are focused and optimized for this type of bonding process.

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