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PES: Thermal Transferred Printed Electronics

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Oct 10, 3:45 pm

Printed Electronics continues to collide and cohabitate a wider range of Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Appliance, Medical, and Industrial applications, the way we integrate these technologies, and the substrates to which we apply them will continue to expand and diversify. One of the key issues our industry has faced for years is the compatibility of the chemistries, application technologies and substrates used in Printed Electronics.

Add to the mix a desire wearable electronics, or circuitry for a more discreetly integrated device, or embedded printed circuitry, with less space, more durability and a more conformal shape. This is where the drive for more 3 dimensional, or non-linear printed electronics comes from. Doing this can require newer, more innovative application technologies. In the wearable market, printing or applying circuitry to various woven or textile substrates can add its own unique set of issues caused by the elasticity or porosity of a substrate.

Why not combine the understanding, expertise and infrastructure of more traditional application technologies like flat-bed screen printing, with the ability to transfer the finished circuitry, already applied and cured, to the desired substrate? This presentation will give you details on how to add integrated printed electronic circuitry to your device requirements.

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