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Wrap Like a Pro

Wrap Like A Pro

Rob Ivers, Rob Ivers, Inc.

Three single-day sessions:

  • October 10                9:00 am–4:00 pm
  • October 11                9:00 am–4:00 pm
  • October 12                8:00 am–3:00 pm

$349/person, includes transportation and lunch*

Whether you’re a veteran vehicle wrapper or a wrapping newbie, there’s more to vehicle wraps than meets the eye, and the 2017 SGIA Expo has the workshops you need to Wrap Like a Pro! Register today, before these popular sessions sell out! 
Wrap Like a Pro takes you to a nearby offsite facility* for a full day of real-world, hands-on training. With plenty of cars and vinyl, you'll be able to practice and perfect the tricks and techniques you learn.  

Every day will have beginning, intermediate and advanced training. Many of our past students have come for more than one day, learning more advanced techniques the second or third day. This format is designed to meet you where you are in the wrap game and help move you to the next level. 

We keep these classes small to allow ample time for hands-on learning and interaction with superstar instructor, Rob Ivers. That means they fill up fast! Register today! 

*Bus Transportation provided from the convention center to the training location once each morning and back again after the class. Free lunch will be provided at the training facility each day for participants. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I’m just getting into wraps, which day should I come? 
A: You are welcome to come any day. We will have an area for you to receive instruction and practice with other beginners. 

Q. I’ve wrapped a few cars, I consider myself an intermediate level installer. Should I plan on coming for 2 days? 
A: If you have only wrapped a few cars and you have the time, you would certainly benefit from at least 2 days. 

Q: I consider my self a seasoned car wrapper. Is there anything in this class for me? 
A: The advanced area was designed with you in mind. You get to work with other experienced veterans as well as the instructors exploring the latest tools, vinyl and techniques. Special focus is on bumpers, mirrors, pre-stretching and post-heating.   

Q: Can I attend more than one day? 
A: Yes. 

Q: Can I come for 2 days. 
A: Of course! 

Q. What about all 3 days? 
A: By all means. 

To register, select Wrap Like a Pro training when you register for the 2017 SGIA Expo.