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Packed Room Proved 'Women in Print' Are on the Rise

Fawn Germer, the sought-after, bestselling Oprah-featured author, speaker and business consultant, who is revered for her authenticity and inspiration, kicked off the first-ever Women in Print Breakfast, put together by SGIA’s newly launched Women in Print Alliance.

Fawn Germer

Respected around the world for her groundbreaking work on the leadership and performance dynamics that teach others how to deal with obstacles, Germer is an expert on change and viability, showing how to turn the stress of a change-driven world into an opportunity to innovate and transform.

“As the President of a printing facility and a member of SGIA’s Alliance, I was honored to be a part of our inaugural event,” said Lane Hickey Wiggins of DPrint. “Speaking on behalf of the Alliance, I can say that we are thrilled to provide a forum for the discussion of issues facing women in the printing industry.”

Germer’s unique message resonated with the nearly 200 attendees in the audience, most of whom were female. Print industry representatives crowded into the room to hear Germer speak about rebooting your work-life balance to live a more meaningful, productive life without regrets.

Each attendee received Germer’s heralded book, “Work-Life Reset,” and were invited to her smaller-scale workshop later in the afternoon.

For more information about women in the print industry, be sure to check out SGIA’s recently completed Women in Print Survey Report.