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Digital Marketing: Growing Your Business with Social Media and Email Marketing

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Oct 19, 10:30 am
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Digital marketing is cost-effective, and allows your business to bridge the communication gap in an arena where people are engaged today. Does it work? You're reading this on a digital device, aren't you? We will start with the basics of two of the most common digital marketing tactics: email  and social media. Then we will expand into using analytics to better target, A/B testing message testing and using paid advertising on platforms like Pinterest, Instagramand Facebook. We will discuss how to keep your email campaign out of the dreaded spam folder, and see how to create a social media following that gets your message in front of new customers without spending a small fortune. You will leave this class ready to increase your marketing reach and get your message in front of people who want to hear from you.

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Printed Packaging
Industrial Printing
Commercial Printing
Color Management and Workflow
Garment Decoration
Graphics & Sign
Graphics Installation
Business Management
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Management Teams
Sales Managers
Sessions at the 2018 SGIA Expo are subject to change.
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