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FP3 Luncheon

Functional Printing, Process and Products Luncheon

Thursday, October 18
Keynote Speaker: Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D.

*The FP3 Luncheon is not included in your Expo + Education Pass.

Nourish body and mind at a luncheon just for the industrial printing and printed electronics community. Your menu includes Keynote Speaker: Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D. who will also be a speaker at the upcoming 2019 Functional Printing, Process and Products (FP3) conference.

JubenvilleKeynote Speaker: Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D.

Colby B. Jubenville, Ph.D., holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University and is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and inventor. He teaches and coaches others how to monetize their knowledge, skill, desire, confidence, likeability, networks and how to ultimately not choose the way of the herd, but to "go their own way."

Personal Brands and Personal Relationships: Business Is Personal

Experts tell us that in the market place we have to be different. But the question remains, how? Using a series of short stories and frameworks, this presentation allows participants to see how and why personal brands and personal relationships lead to differentiation and ultimately greater meaning, success and profits.

Key Take Aways

  • What is a personal brand and how do I use it?
  • The 4 Empathic Questions – The Key To Building Personal Relationships
  • Defining confidence in order to develop and use your personal brand at critical times.
  • Finding Your Voice (the intersection of talent, passion, conscience and need in the world) in order to connect
  • Defining Success from a personal brand and personal relationship perspective.

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