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Canadian Air Pollution Emission Survey

After some starts and stops, the Canadian agency responsible for regulating air pollution emissions Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), is conducting a survey of volatile organic compound emissions from the printing industry across the county. The ECCC is the equivalent of the US Environmental Protection Agency and part of their role is to set national standards for environmental protection.

ECCC agreed to conduct the survey in response to a previous emission evaluation that was conducted several years ago. SGIA along with other printing trade associations criticized the methodology used to estimate emissions from printing operations in Canada as they were not accurate and caused the emissions to be inflated. The survey is being conducted by an outside consulting firm and SGIA reviewed the survey questions and provided feedback on how the questions should be presented. of the printing industry to obtain accurate VOC emission information. SGIA also contacted its members in Canada encouraging them to complete the survey.

The target completion date for data collection is December 30, 2018. The report of emissions is expected to be released early next year. It is anticipated that the results of the survey will demonstrate that emissions from Canadian printing operations are low and regulation will not be necessary.

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Publication/Release Date: 
Dec 03, 2018

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