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SGIA Updates Ohio and Kentucky Printing Operations About EPA and OSHA

In his recent November 13-15th speaking tour at the annual Printing Industries of Ohio and Northern Kentucky’s Regional Council Meetings, Gary Jones, SGIA’s Director of EHS Affairs, provided an update on EPA and OSHA regulatory activities and other key environmental and safety topics. He also reported on the efforts by the Trump Administration to cut and streamline regulatory requirements, which have been largely successful.

Even though there has been a lot of actions taken to throttle back on regulations, there has been resistance by environmental groups and states who have filed lawsuits to challenge some of the actions. As a result, some regulations were issued such as the ozone nonattainment designations. The efforts to roll back the Clean Power Plan regulating greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, efficiency standards for automobiles, and the Waters of the United States regulations have also met with stiff resistance.

OSHA has not issued any new regulations and has taken steps to revise the electronic injury and illness reporting requirements for large companies. However, OSHA did announce a new Site Specific Targeting Program that will be launched this year. OSHA has issued guidance on its anti-retaliation position for post-accident drug testing providing some clarity for companies that conduct this testing. Further complicating the quest for a drug free workplace is the legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio. The law addresses the requirements for employers and is more employer friendly than other states. While Kentucky has not acted on marijuana, it passed changes to its worker’s compensation law that makes it easier for companies to maintain a drug free workplace.

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Publication/Release Date: 
Dec 03, 2018

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