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A Sliver of Digital Light for Off-Site Signs in Los Angeles

After nearly 6 years, the City of Los Angeles still retains the city wide ban of off-site signs, restricting them to sign districts. But there is a small light of hope as the City Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee forges ahead.

The initial sign ordinance changes submitted to the City Planning department upheld the restrictions of off-site signs tosign districts and the PLUM committee were tasked to review the proposal and make recommendations. That review resulted in two possible versions of the ordinance, with one including a possible allowance for off-site signs in locations other than sign districts.

These versions were again rejected by the City Planning department and ultimately submitted back to the PLUM committee with a third version offered by City Planning that was even more restrictive on illumination and size reductions. However, the City Planning department did make mention of a consideration for off-site signs to city owned properties outside the sign districts. This consideration was taken by the PLUM committee as a way to explore other options.

Currently, the PLUM committee is researching possible options for off-site signs outside sign districts and is looking into what the process would be to continue on this path. Among some of the factors they are researching are revenue benefits, funding, appropriate locations, type of signage, and special restrictions. In the meantime, the citywide ban for off-site signs outside of sign districts is still in effect.  

This will be an ongoing process for the foreseeable future and SGIA will stay engaged for any further updates. 

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Publication/Release Date: 
Sep 06, 2016

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