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Study Results on Temporary Signage Released by The Signage Foundation

The Signage Foundation Inc. (SFI) has published the results of a study examining temporary sign codes.  “Best Practices in the Regulation of Temporary Signs,” researched and written by Wendy Moeller, AICP and owner of Compass Point Planning, extends beyond survey responses and documents various sign codes through interviews, her own experience and internet review of specific codes.  The report addresses some important topics such as distinguishing temporary signs from temporary messages, and differentiating off- and on-premise temporary signs. This guide also includes updated commentary and recommendations related to the June 2015 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States in the Reed vs. Town of Gilbert, Arizona case.   For a copy of the report, please contact Marci Kinter at

Publication/Release Date: 
May 02, 2016

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