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Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection (for Garment Decorators)

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Taking the right steps during an inspection is the best means to avoid citations and reduce penalty amounts. Don’t make the common mistakes that lead to wasted time and money, prolonged abatements and repeat inspections. This session is presented by an industry compliance expert and one who has represented hundreds of companies over 25 years through inspections, enforcement actions, and court hearings with OSHA.

You will learn:
• What to expect from the beginning to the end of an inspection process
• What OSHA looks for during an inspection
• Who should be (and must be) involved in the inspection process
• What records and information you should have readily available
• What to say and not say to compliance officers
• Key points of interest for what happens after an OSHA inspection

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