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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association
SGIA Glossary

Definition Glossary

Sixth Edition

Language and our ideas about how it is interpreted change rapidly. The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) is aware of this and continues its effort to keep our constituents well informed about changes to the increasingly complex industry terminology. This publication represents the most recent changes.

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An automotive quality standards system used by supplier to the automobile industry.


Acceptable abbreviation for quantity.


The addition of space to fill a line of type using an en or em block.


A function of some color scanners where a set of four separations is produced on a single piece of film.


A measure of the degree of perfection of all phases of a process.

quality assurance (QA) (quality control) (QC)

A system of inspections, and/or tests instituted at various stages in a manufacturing or printing process to ensure that the end product will meet predetermined standards.

quality factor

A measure of the ratio of pixels per halftone screen ruling.


Artificial forcing of like gray levels to the same gray levels as a result of limited tonal resolution in a scanner used in shadow portion of scanned image.

quart (qt)

A unit of liquid volume or capacity equal to 32 fluid ounces, US, 1/4 gallon US and 57.75 cubic inches.


Tones that lie between shadow and midtone and between highlight and midtone; tonal values in range 25% dot.


Most common form of silica, an essential ingredient in glass and enamel batches.

quartz glass

A pure silica glass highly transparent to ultraviolet radiation.

quartz-iodine lamp (quartz-halogen)

An improved tungsten bulb that has a tungsten filament surrounded by iodine and inert gases, enclosed in a quartz envelope; also referred to as quartz halogen.


A UV lamp typically filled with mercury vapor, and made from quartz.


A method of cooling a substance suddenly, usually in water, oil, or air.


The line of events scheduled to occur with a computer or peripheral.


Jacket with two or more layers and padding filling.

quinacridone red/magenta

An organic pigment with outstanding lightfastness and other resistance properties.

quinizarine maroon

An organic pigment with good lightfastness, excellent resistance to acids and alkali, good bleed resistance, and good transparency.


One twentieth of a ream of paper (24 or 25 sheets).


A steel wedge-shaped or expandable device used to lock up type or die elements in a chase.


A standard keyboard layout based on American standard typewritter.