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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association
SGIA Glossary

Definition Glossary

Sixth Edition

Language and our ideas about how it is interpreted change rapidly. The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) is aware of this and continues its effort to keep our constituents well informed about changes to the increasingly complex industry terminology. This publication represents the most recent changes.

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Acronym for American Society for Testing & Materials (US).


(1) Climate or environment in a given place, generally a reference to temperature and relative humidity; (2) A standard unit of pressure, equal to 1.01325 x 105 newtons per square meter or 14.7 pounds per square inch or 760 mm of mercury.

atomic absorption tester

Laboratory equipment used for detecting the presence and concentration of metals such as lead and cadmium.


A decrease in the maximum concentration or total quantity of an applied chemical during a fixed time.


A prefix utilized in the Metric System of Measurement which denotes 10 to the negative power of 18 (10-18 ) or 0.000 000 000 000 000 001. Its symbol is a.


(1) A quality or distinguishing characteristic of a sensation, perception, or mode of appearance, distinction is made between chromatic and geometric appearance attributes, colors are often described by their attributes of hue, saturation, or mode of appearance; (2) Used in statistical process control (SPC) to denote characteristics that are qualitative.

attributes data

Qualitative data that can be counted for recording and analysis purposes.


An instrument that measures hearing sensitivity.

automatic conveyorized drying

A widely used means of drying a screen print without racking that incorporates a conveyor belt with a drying or curing chamber.

automatic feeder

A device for picking up single sheets from a pile and moving them, one at a time into the printing area of the press to be printed.

automatic machine (automatic press) (mechanically fed)

A machine that completes partial or full operation cycles by means of energy other than human motion. (A fully automatic screen press loads, prints, and discharges the print without manual effort on the part of the operator other than the switching on and off of the energy source, usually electricity, or controlling machine speed. In some cases, may include ink feeding).

automatic peel

A feature generally found on a larger automatic screen printing press, where the screen is lifted mechanically behind the moving squeegee, by a spring or cam device.

automatic processor

A unit where exposed photosensitive sheet material is fed to travel through the processing baths under controlled conditions, and be delivered fully processed and dried at the point of removal.

autopositive film

A film that develops a positive form from a positive original on exposure, or a negative image from a negative original by reflex exposure through yellow sheeting.

autoscreen film

Film that has a line halftone screen incorporated into the emulsion, and after exposure to an original, develops to a halftone image.

auxiliary display

Any type of point-of-purchase display that is in addition to general line of checkout displays, including floor displays, baskets, racks and counter displays.

auxiliary racks

Display fixtures that are in addition to general line racks, including checkout racks, and racks that can be attached to a general line rack.

avoirdupois weight

A system of weights and measures based on a pound containing 16 ounces, 7000 grains, or 453.59 grams, and an ounce weighing 16 drams.


Acronym for American Wire Gauge.


(1) A straight line, real or imaginary that passes through a body and about which the body may or actually does rotate; (2) Geometric guidelines used to place a coordinate that determines knife or tool paths for plotters and routers.


Any of various red, brown, or yellow acidic or basic dyes derived from nitrobenzene in an alkaline solution.