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Sign Posts: SGIA's guide to sign codes and permitting

Sign Posts: SGIA's guide to sign codes and permitting

SGIA is your resource for finding sign codes and zoning rule information. Understanding sign codes and the associated requirements for your market area helps you, and ultimately your customers, avoid costly delays in sign installations or the loss of revenue from a prohibited sign.

Sign codes can vary by state, county and local municipalities. Occasionally these codes can change for a number of reasons including community influences, new sign types being introduced onto the market, or the need to control the numbers of signs for a particular area. Knowing how to navigate the sign codes and educating the industry on what and where to look for information is just one way SGIA is supporting the sign community.

SGIA continues to work on your behalf to collect relevant information on sign code issues and activities. Contact Marci Kinter at with any questions.

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