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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Dave Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award

The Dave Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award is presented, annually, during the SGIA Expo in October, to the author(s) of an article written on any aspect of screen printing or graphic imaging and published in the previous calendar year.
Chosen by members of the Academy, winners of the prestigious Swormstedt Award are recognized for their outstanding writing ability and exceptional industry insight. Any SGIA member can nominate articles for the Swormstedt Award.

2016 Swormstedt Award Winner

  • 2016: "The Golden Image Ratio of Image to Screen Size: A Mathematical Reference Offering a Visual Guide as to the Proper Image to Screen Size Ratio" by Bill Hood

Bill Hood

Bill Hood
  • 2015: "High-Shear Conductive for Micro-Traces" by Joe Clarke
  • 2014: “A History of Screen Printing, How an Art Evolved Into An Industry” by Guido Lengwiler
  • 2013: "Pushing the Limits of Functional Printed Inks" by Don Banfield, Ryan Banfield and Miranda Lawrence, which was published in the March/April Industrial & Specialty Printing Magazine in 2012.
  • 2012: "Squeegee Design Innovation (Part One, Two and Three)" by Joe Clarke
  • 2011: "The Future for Curing" by Bea Purcell and Laura Maybaum
  • 2010: "Fine Line Screen Printing of Thick Film Pastes on Silicone Solar Cells" by Dean Buzby and Art Dobie
  • 2008: "Accumulative Density: A Powerful Color-Control Tool" by Mike Ruff
  • 2007: "Hybrid Curves" by Mike Ruff
  • 2006: "Taking Control with Color Management" by Rick Auterson
  • 2004: “Putting Theory into Practice” by Dr. John Anderson
  • 2003: "Mesh Movement and Its Impact on Screen Tensions, Part 1 and 2." by Dr. John Anderson
  • 2002: "Balancing Act" by Joe Clarke
  • 2001: "Producing the Best Backlit Signs" Steven Abbott, "It's the PITS: Pile Height in Process-Color UV Printing" by Todd Cleery and Deepthi Sid
  • 2000: "Lenticular Imaging" by Joe Clarke
  • 1999: "Quality Control for Halftone Screen Printing" by Hans Gerd-Scheer
  • 1998: "The Truth About High Tension Screens" by Shannon Boothe/Doug Brendle
  • 1996: "Floodbar Fundamentals" by Tamas Frescka
  • 1995: "Becoming a Super Color Matcher" by Tamas Frescka
  • 1994: "Stochastic Halftones" by Mark Coudray
  • 1993: "Screen Printing in the Year 2000" by Tamas Frecska
  • 1992: "Understanding Halftone Moire" by Mark Coudray
  • 1990: "Taming Microregistration" by Tamas Frecska
  • 1989: "Woven Nylon Imprinting" by Joe Clarke
  • 1988: "Proper Techniques & Process Control for Printing Overlay Front Panels" by Mike Young
  • 1987: "Screen Printing Criteria in HalftonePrinting" by Hans Gerd-Scheer 
  • 1986: "Control Without Confusion" by Joe Clarke  
  • 1985: "Screen Fabrics: A Question of the Right Parameters" by Tamas Frecska
  • 1984: "Development and Research of High Efficiency Jet Dryers and UV Curing Systems" by Sylve Ericsson
  • 1983: "Ultimate Screen for Close Tolerance Screen Printing" & "Rheological Considerations for Screen Printing Inks" by Elmar Messerchmitt
  • 1982: "Ultraviolet Printing: Backyard Molecules" by Ron Mason
  • 1981: Michel Caza
  • 1980: "The Influence of the Stencil Fabric on the Ink Deposit and Consumption of Screen Printing Ink" by Hans Gerd-Scheer
  • 1979: Peter Herman
  • 1978: Hans Gerd-Scheer
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