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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Brian Hart

Brian Hart's 25 years of experience in the custom manufacturing, graphic communications, and retail marketplace has positioned him as a highly regarded industry specialist. During his professional career he has been involved with start-ups, privately held companies, and small and medium private equity-based firms. Brian's consultative focus has helped him lead the Hart Consulting Services (HCS) team in quickly evaluating and identifying strengths and weaknesses for its consulting partners, offering insights that identify the right people and teams for success, assistance in developing the correct/refined processes, develop tools to sustain and measure the change or improvement, and articulate your message to the market. Over the last decade Brian's focus has been aimed towards facilitating and optimizing support teams, execution prerogatives within the In-Store marketplace. Brian & HCS introduces OEM & material manufactures to the Retailers and graphics community, helping to evaluate the road ahead. HCS works with Retailers & Brands to negotiate preferred vendor networks that enable innovation, HCS also works with the graphic communication industry to better position and message their value to Brands and Retailers, and helps to create influence in this dynamic industry.

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