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Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Jeff Wettersten

Jeff Wettersten is President of Karstedt Partners, and has an extensive background in identifying, developing, and securing growth strategies across a variety of industries including electrical equipment, metal processing, packaging, and printing equipment.

He has held a variety of senior management positions with General Electric, Temple Inland, and Sun Chemical. He began his career as a consultant in the area of turnaround management and has been engaged by investment firms, regional banks, and venture capital companies to assess the strategic, operational, and financial health of assets under their control. Jeff utilized his packaging background and experience in strategy development to assist digital technology developers in assessing and developing commercialization strategies for new and emerging digital markets. As part of Karstedt Partners, Jeff works with technology providers, suppliers, print service providers, and consumer product companies to identify opportunities for competitive differentiation and added value capture through this potentially disruptive technology.

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